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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bad Form

Who schedules a meeting at 12 noon? Don't they know that time is designated for lunch? No one will pay attention because all they will think about it food. Lunch is the monumental half-way point of the day, where I can meet up with friends and coworkers and try to pretend I am not at work. Whether we hit up Arby's or Chipotle, we are dwelling in our one hour freedom and break for the day. We come back around 1, check email till 1:30. Since I'm in PST, the stock market will have just closed, and I'll have to check that. Around 2:30 is the short coffee break, so I prepare for that (with my witty stories and jokes). By the time you know it, its 3:00, better start making the to-do list for the day... Days go by pretty quickly, I just need to watch out for those delinquent 12 lunch meeting planners. They ruin everything.


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