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Monday, June 26, 2006


Sometimes I have really funny stories to tell from work, but I don't have a matching sketch. If I am super motivated, I will make the effort to create the drawing. I am not super motivated today, so what I will do is make a weak connection. That should do.

So last Friday, I went to play golf with some friends from work before hitting up the office. Last time I played the morning back 9, my socks and shoes were soaked from the precious morning dew. I knew better this time and brought extra socks and shoes. But what I had forgot, the bottom of my jeans get super soaked as well, which resulted in the uselessness of the extra socks and shoes. The genius that I am, after coming into work, I take my lamp from desk, move it under my desk, plug it into the socket (SEE ABOVE SKETCH), and turn the lamp on. With my bare feet dangling underneath the self-proclaimed heat lamp, my jeans dried in no time. I am soo resourceful.


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